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A gene on chromosome 15q11.2-q12 that encodes a protein which may be involved in tyrosine transport within melanocyte and play a role in regulating the pH of melanosomes and melanosome maturation, as well as in post-translational processing of tyrosinase, which catalyses the limiting reaction in melanin synthesis. OCA2 may serve as a key control point at which skin colour variation is determined; it is a major determinant of brown and/or blue eye colour.

Molecular pathology
Defects in OCA2  cause oculocutaneous albinism type 2, see there.


Abbreviation for performance-enhancing drug.
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It was shown that PED users were significantly older than non-user athletes were (t (451) = -3.
During the study period, 161,928 children were admitted to the PED of Tepecik Teaching and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey.
Intelligence PED plays an important role in providing commanders situational awareness crucial to mission command.
The documented main diagnosis for each PED visit was categorized according to ICD-10 diagnostic codes: schizophrenia-related disorders (all F2 codes); mood-related disorders (all F3 codes); anxiety-related disorders (all F4 codes); substance-related disorders (all F1 codes); and other disorders (all F0, F5-9 and the Mental Health and Addictions Acute Care Alliance codes; see Appendix A).
Finalmente, si atendemos a la diferencia entre el grupo que obtiene mayor puntuacion y el resto observamos que en el factor exclusividad es donde se marcan las mayores diferencias entre el grupo de adolescentes del PED y el grupo de adolescentes no-PED inactivos (39.
This PED outbreak in Ukraine showed clinical characteristics similar to outbreaks caused by virulent strains of PEDV reported from North America (4).
PED is a kind of common diseases of digestive system diseases in pig farms, upon the occurrence of the disease, it is difficult to eradicate and purification (12-14).
Optimal use of ISR now requires much more innovative exploitation skills and accompanying PED technology improvements.
Mexico also imposed a ban on imports of hogs from the US in May 2013 because of the PED outbreak.
The objective of the pressure vessel regulations outlined in the PED was to increase trade within the European Union, regulate equipment safety and establish consistency in member states regarding pressure vessel design, manufacture, testing and conformity assessment.
Despite the difficulties often involved in accessing behavior considered deviant, a thread of sport-deviance studies includes the use of PED among various sport cultures, including bodybuilding (Klein, 1986, 1993; Monaghan, 2002;), track and field (Veligekas, Mylonas, & Zervas, 2007; Wilson, Gilbert, & Edwards, 2004), and baseball (Fainaru-Wada & Wilson, 2006).
com/2010/07/08/ped-suspensions-way-up-versus-this-point-last-season/) Noted that there have been 29 PED suspensions since 2008.