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A medicine for Huntington's disease that targets an enzyme, PDE10A, which is present in the neurons most damaged in this inherited disorder that causes a progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.
Highlighted papers at the event include PDE11A (ICOS Corporation), PDE3A knockout mice (NIH), PDE10A (Pfizer), and Novel PDE4A Isoforms (U.
In addition, our internal CNS discovery efforts continued to generate new development opportunities, such as the nicotinic alpha-7 receptor partial agonist MEM 63908 and a new program focused on the development of PDE10A inhibitors.
Addition of PDE10A Inhibitor Program In February, Memory Pharmaceuticals announced the addition of its internal preclinical PDE10A inhibitor program to its pipeline.
PDE10A Inhibitor Program: Memory Pharmaceuticals has identified two lead chemical series of compounds that have demonstrated effectiveness in the selective inhibition of PDE10A activity and is optimizing compounds from these series.
In addition, we announced plans to move forward with a preclinical program for PDE10A inhibitors based on data emerging from our research efforts.
today announced the addition of a PDE10A inhibitor program to its pipeline.
Chief Scientific Officer of Memory Pharmaceuticals, said, "The PDE10A inhibitor program is a program that we are actively pursuing with our integrated team of biologists, chemists and preclinical development scientists.
PDE10A is a class of phosphodiesterases that degrades cAMP and cGMP, molecules that are responsible for improving the function of many different cells in the body, including neurons.