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In this section, we validate our PDE model (12) by computing the mean fault detection <M> and compare it with historical data and two other methods, namely, the classic deterministic SRGMs (generalised NHPP model) and the popular stochastic SRGMs (white-noise model).
Subsequent data analyses below for creating a PDE scale are based on this sample of 246.
These guidances, in turn, expand on earlier methodologies for setting OELs or PDEs, first-in-human doses for pharmaceuticals, acceptable or tolerable daily intakes (ADIs or TDIs) for additives and/or contaminants in food and/or drinking water, and reference doses and concentrations (RfDs, RfCs) for chemicals of environmental concern (Table 1).
Inhibition of PDE activity slowed the decay in cAMP signals but had little effect on peak cAMP levels.
Quanto as obrigacoes do professor PDE, sao elas: realizar as atividades do grupo I--Atividades de integracao teorico-praticas; a) produzir um Projeto de Intervencao Pedagogica na escola; um Material Didatico-Pedagogico; e um Artigo final; b) implementar o Projeto de Intervencao na escola; c) participar de encontros de orientacao nas IES e de um grupo de auxilio a implementacao do projeto.
alpha]](t)) on N and the implicit non-homogeneous nonlinear PDE system of order one
1,11) The main problem at the time of examination of the ampullar adenoma is the necessity to distinguish the lesion from the carcinoma in which there is a threat of lymphatic nodules infiltration indicating PDE.
No dia 12/5/08, o PDE apresentou maior retencao do que o PD, e em todos os demais esta foi maior no PD que no PDE, apresentando diferenca significativa apenas nos dias 16/5 e 5/6, comprovando de qualquer forma a maior retencao de agua nessa camada de solo sob PD.
When cGMP levels rise sufficiently, PDE enzymes interact with the molecule to convert it into GMP thereby blocking the actions of cGMP.
With PrintBoy, you can print your documents, PDE spreadsheets, email, databases, memos, calendars and more from popular applications like Word, Documents To Go, Outlook, QuickOffice, 4.
Results also suggested that PDE 5A inhibition is not directly related to the free radical scavenging activity of flavonoids.