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primary care organisation

A UK term for either a
(1) Primary care trust (PCT), which currently commissions primary and secondary health services for the people in its catchment area; or
(2) Care trust, which commissions social and healthcare services.

PCOs receive a budget directly from the Department of Health, from which they produce a five-year strategic plan to show what they will do to improve local health and healthcare.

Primary care organisations:
• Assess the health needs of the local population and match the offered services to meet those needs;
• Secure agreed levels of service with local hospitals, which are autonomous bodies with their own leadership and plans;
• Pay for local doctors and dentists, who have a contract with the PCO;
• Commission community-based health services—e.g., therapy services, district nurses and mental health services;
• Work with other organisations and community groups to improve services, tackle health inequalities and improve health.


1. Patient complains of.
2. Polycystic ovaries, see there.
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The Alliance is seeking a High Court judicial review and accuse the Justice Secretary of failing to consult properly before giving archaeologists from the University of Leicester licence to excavate, and decide where the bones should be reburied Tom Weisselberg, representing Mr Grayling, had urged the judge to reconsider his decision to grant the Plantagenet Alliance a PCO for the pending court proceedings.
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Hearing the review petitions filed by PCO judges affected by the apex court's July 31 verdict, a 14-member larger bench had earlier served contempt of court notices upon the judges.
Contempt notices had been issued to some 60 judges who had taken oath under the PCO despite the order by a seven-member bench not to do so.
The product range of BERICAP for PCO 1881 consists now of the 1-piece closure DoubleSeal SuperShorty[R] in different weight variants, the 2-piece closure LinerSeal SuperShorty K as well as 2-piece and 3-piece sports cap variants.
The job of the PCO is to ensure transparency, said Zabul Governor Delbar Jan Arman, who hoped it would ensure contracts went to the right people, current projects were moving forward, the government was informed of progress and the PDC received updates on the status of reconstruction and development efforts.