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34 ingreso total, PCIP (%) Valor agregado en el 11 -4 -5 74 ingreso total, PVAP ($) Cuadro 7 Analisis de sensibilidad con la reduccion en el precio del sorgo para la elaboracion de sacchasorgo.
Extrapolating the known numbers of people with these conditions in the federally run plans, the report estimates that the PCIP program served nearly 1,900 people with cancer and 4,700 with heart disease in 2011.
ERI will create a new name and logo for PCIP's Arkansas program, as well as design advertising for online, print, radio and TV and oversee public relations, social media and website development for PCIP.
The PCIP changes lives, and in many cases, literally saves lives," HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said.
With Georgia's new PCIP plan, there are three plans available for this 50-year-old, all with premiums starting between $400 and $539 a month.
note that PPACA provides $5 billion for PCIP funding between 2010 and
This 4 1/2-digit ISA PCIP DMM was followed by the 5 1/2-digit Signametrics ISA DMMs distributed by Keitheley Instruments.
Moreover, they contended, even if the administration felt it politically necessary to comply with the spirit of the compromise abortion restriction in the health reform law, the PCIP ban goes well beyond that in practice.
De este ana lisis se derivaron los indicadores de eficiencia y de competitividad privada: Rentabilidad privada RRP = D / (B + C); relacion del costo privado RCP = C / (A - B); valor agregado a precios privados VAP = (A - B); consumo intermedio en el ingreso total PCIP = B / A y valor agregado en el ingreso total PVAP = (A - B) / A.
15) While officially the PCIP advises the pope, it effectively serves as a means to open discussion within the global Church, giving visibility and urgency to issues on which the Vatican expresses concern.
PCIP is designed to help children disengage from street life and prostitution.