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abbreviation for posterior axillary line.

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Q. I think I have got involved with a man who had a bipolar, he never mentioned it I need to talk to somebody,pls The problem is he would never even admit it if I ever ask him. He's nice and caring and the next day he would disapearing without any reason, after a few weeks he would come back again even without saying sorry and repeats over and over again.... I need to talk to somebody... Thank you

A. I have read your question/answers; an where i come from we would call him a player-he can be a player and bipolar at the same time,as a man i would let him make the first move and see where it goes from there.If you are having so much stress from this person now/think about living with him later--is it worst your mental health/an stress on your system to be with him/if a person really loves you he wouldnt leave for no reason like he is doing----think about your life with him ?------------mrfoot56

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Apart from long-haul flights, PAL is also looking to expand operations in Clark, Cebu and Davao as part of its multi-hub network strategy.
Qasim Bughio informed that earlier two-room office of PAL has been working in Peshawar.
The airline will revisit this decision in the near future as market conditions improve,' PAL said.
Tagle said China and Mongolia did not pose any objection when PAL requested to fly over their area via the Polar Circle.
Cesar Petate said he is convinced that the erstwhile PALEA president and his colleagues were "no longer employees of PAL at the time of the election of union officers.
PAL and its affiliate PAL Express will connect four other cities in three countries in the Middle East to Manila before the year ends Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar) in November, and Riyadh and Dammam (both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) in December.
Four more of these plane models will be delivered to PAL before the end of the year, according to Ang.
Pop Pals Ice Pop Holders were invented by Stephanie Veve in Temecula, California.
Jahan Ara Pal sought my advice as she was very keen to compile it and publish it in a book form.
When Pal was in power in Kalyan's government, he described his links with the ' communally' tainted chief minister as " change of times".
This is essentially the same result that occurs, for example, if either shareholder faces a loss limit due to insufficient basis or the PAL rules in S status; unused S losses or excess PALs also carry forward for use against future income.