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p-aminobenzoic acid

 (PAB) (PABA) [ah-me″no-ben-zo´ik]
a substance required for the synthesis of folic acid by many organisms; it is included in the B vitamin complex, although it is not an essential nutrient for humans. It is synthesized by many bacteria; sulfonamides act by blocking its synthesis; it also absorbs ultraviolet light, specifically UVB rays, and is used as aminobenzoic acid as a topical sunscreen.




aminobenzoic acid.

prealbumin test (PAB, TBPA)

a blood, 24-hour urine, or cerebrospinal fluid analysis. It is useful as a marker of nutritional status and is a sensitive indicator of protein synthesis and catabolism. This test is done frequently on patients receiving total parenteral nutrition.


n See PABA.


para-aminobenzoic acid.
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In conclusion, it has been shown in the short-term that both the PAB an SAB are viable solutions for treatment of the eroded glenoid.
With the support of a PS1million TSBfunded research project and a seven million Euro research programme, PAB are partnering with several major automotive manufacturers.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, PAB is a listed commercial bank that provides comprehensive financial services to corporate and individual customers.
The quality of writing required for a PAB manuscript is equivalent to that of any other contribution to the journal.
Hemodinamik pulmoner hipertansiyon tanimlari (1) Tanim Ozellikler Klinik Gruplar (2) Pulmoner Ortalama PAB [greater Hepsi Hipertansiyon (PH) than or equal to] 25 mmHg Prekapiller PH Ortalama PAB [greater 1.
Delipidized human serum (9) containing endogenous PAB was used to formulate the IWC and production calibrators.
Brian Cheney, of PAB (left), Harry Balmer of Accelerate and Mark Brazier of PAB
SEC Chief Accountant Bob Herdman stated in the June meeting that he expects the setting of auditing standards to be outsourced to the AICPA's Auditing Standards Board for at least for the foreseeable future and would continue under the oversight of the PAB.
As a result of their efforts, the investigators were able to construct a new model simulating the growth of the PAB and LAB in hard cheeses.
As a method of accomplishing this task, the PAB started a new feature in January 2000 to highlight research being supported by the NIEHS at academic research institutions across the United States.
Accordingly, the court concluded that PAB adopt a legal standard to be applied relative to awarding Nurse Dishman attorneys' fees.
This article provides an overview of selected aspects of the recent final private activity bond tax regulations under Section 141 of the Internal Revenue Code (the "Final PAB Regulations").