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p-aminobenzoic acid

 (PAB) (PABA) [ah-me″no-ben-zo´ik]
a substance required for the synthesis of folic acid by many organisms; it is included in the B vitamin complex, although it is not an essential nutrient for humans. It is synthesized by many bacteria; sulfonamides act by blocking its synthesis; it also absorbs ultraviolet light, specifically UVB rays, and is used as aminobenzoic acid as a topical sunscreen.




aminobenzoic acid.

prealbumin test (PAB, TBPA)

a blood, 24-hour urine, or cerebrospinal fluid analysis. It is useful as a marker of nutritional status and is a sensitive indicator of protein synthesis and catabolism. This test is done frequently on patients receiving total parenteral nutrition.


n See PABA.


para-aminobenzoic acid.
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Lauro Rodi, regional manager at Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance, Mark Brazier, director of PAB Coventry and Mark Harnett, relationship manager at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking
In conclusion, it has been shown in the short-term that both the PAB an SAB are viable solutions for treatment of the eroded glenoid.
La incidencia de la variacion anual del gasto en consumo final de China con base en la paridad del poder adquisitivo se muestra en la figura 3, donde se puede apreciar que mediante un modelo polinomico de tercer orden se puede explicar la PAB a partir de [DELTA]GCFH3P en un 96,67 % con un 95 % de confianza, destacando en el grafico que un modelo lineal con Igual porcentaje de confianza puede explicar a la variable dependiente en un 69,33 % a partir de la variable Independiente.
PAB has a network of over 500 outlets in China and a representative office in Hong Kong.
The quality of writing required for a PAB manuscript is equivalent to that of any other contribution to the journal.
Bu hastaliklardaki PH'nun gercek prevalansi bilinmemekle birlikte ortalama PAB genelde 20-25 mmHg arasindadir ve hastalarin %10'undan azinda 40 mmHg'nin uzerine cikar (4).
PAB has teamed up with The Mersey Forest to create the garden, which will contain a wildflower meadow area and a collection of fruit trees.
Perovic and colleagues found that PAB is a major problem at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
On a pro forma basis through the first three quarters of this year, PAF accounted for about 45 percent of PepsiCo's revenues, PAB for about 30 percent, and PI for about 25 percent, the company said.
In essence the process of PAB calibrator value assignment consists of transferring the value from the reference material CRM470 (7,8) to a multilevel set of internal working calibrators (IWC), and then from the IWCs to the end-use calibrators during their production.
PAB is an administrative tribunal whose role is to review Final Action documents prepared by patent examiners who are processing patent applications.
De entonces para aca, cientos de miles de mujeres en el mundo han usado esa PAB para promover acciones y exigir a sus gobiernos que cumplan los acuerdos.