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A gene on chromosome 11q13 that encodes a protein that binds to NFKB1 or NFKB2 to form the NFKB complex (the most abundant form is NFKB1/RELA), which is inhibited by I-kappa-B proteins (NFKBIA or NFKBIB); NFKBIA or NFKBIB inactivate the NFKB complex by trapping it in the cytoplasm. Phosphorylation of serine residues on the I-kappa-B proteins by kinases (IKBKA or IKBKB)
marks them for destruction via the ubiquitination pathway, thereby allowing activation of the NFKB complex.


Carisoprodol & meprobamate
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The P65 automatically and continuously adjusts its temperature span and auto-focuses at the touch of a button to obtain optimal quality images.
In common with its forerunner, the ThermaCAM P65 provides both thermal and colour visual imaging.
The source said the total project cost of the pending applications reached P65.
The 29 males and four female who were former members of the New People's Army (NPA) each received livelihood and financial assistance of amounting to P65,000 from the provincial government of Negros Oriental.
Our loan portfolio expanded over 37 percent to P65 billion while our deposits are up almost 24 percent to P67 billion, and our total resources grew over 22 percent to P80 billion.
Statistics showed that the nine-month collection was still short of the goal by about P65 billion, mainly due to super typhoon "Yolanda" which devastated wide areas in the Visayas and the continuing delay in the release of raw materials and other imported goods at the South Harbor caused by congestion.
Since then, Maynilad was able to swiftly get out of rehabilitation and implement a massive capex program of P65.
Governor Anthony del Rosario led the turning over of a check worth P65,000 to each returnee last August 30, 2016 during the Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting held at the VIP Club of the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex, Tagum City.
In a press briefing, Meralco President Oscar Reyes said Meralco is spending P65 billion for its distribution business and P21 billion for its share in capex of power generation plants where is has invested in.
Abra, which declared a state of calamity last Wednesday, recorded a total damage of P65,063,040 on rice, high value crops, fisheries, agricultural land and livestock affecting all the 27 towns.