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named after J.E. Purkinje, Bohemian anatomist (1787-1869).

Purkinje cell
neuronal cell bodies in the middle layer of the cerebellar cortex; characterized by a large, globose body and massive, branching dendrites but a single, slender axon.
Purkinje fiber
modified cardiac muscle fibers in the subendothelial tissue, concerned with conducting impulses through the heart.
P's image, Purkinje-Sanson images
in a normal eye, reflections of light off the surface of the cornea, anterior lens capsule, and posterior lens capsule. When viewed from different angles, can be used to localize intraocular opacities.
Purkinje network
a reticulum of modified muscle fibers in the subendocardial tissue of the cardiac ventricles.
Purkinje neuron
see Purkinje cell (above).