Oxygen Bar

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An establishment or part of one—e.g., a night club, spa, health club, tanning salon, bar, airport restaurant, ski chalet, yoga studio, chiropractor, etc.—that sells ‘recreational oxygen’ at levels above the normal atmospheric 21%, usually in the 30% to 40% range—which is regarded as too low a concentration to cause oxygen toxicity—delivered via a nasal cannula
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The crowded and much-talked-about oxygen bar wasn't the only new attraction in Milliken's booth.
Now the O2it Oxygen Bar, which offers 40 different flavours of the gas, has decided that Birmingham would be the perfect city to launch its first UK outlet at The Works in Broad Street, on November 28.
And the trend is on, with oxygen bars slated to open soon in New York and Los Angeles.
But leader of the council's executive, and member for Leamington town centre Bob Crowther (Lab, Leamington Clarendon) is writing to people living near Oxygen Bar.
Oxygen bars are already an institution in many American states and many people also have oxygen bars in their own homes.
A new craze could be visiting a club near you this autumn, as the first Oxygen Bar is due to open in Wales.
After a sit-down dinner, the night really took off, with boisterous dancing to PowerHaus, helped out by frequent refueling at the ever-energizing oxygen bar.
The company is unveiling one of the largest double-decker booths with a private conference area, numerous Web-accessible kiosks, an aromatic oxygen bar and an Apple giveaway package for one lucky attendee.
There customers can choose to revive at the oxygen bar and borrow an iPad while lounging.
We won their weekly quiz, and spent the winnings on more drinks, first Judy takes a break at the Bacardi Bar, where we gulped Long Island iced tea cocktails, then the Oxygen Bar.
An oxygen bar where you can inhale 95 per cent pure O2 is the latest craze to hit Dublin.