Overhead Sport

Any sport—baseball, cricket, handball, jai alai, javelin throwing, tennis, volleyball, etc.—in which the upper arm and shoulder arc over the athlete’s head to propel a ball at the opposing team. Overhead sport injuries can be multifactorial in nature, and can cause range of motion deficits, muscular imbalances, and scapular dyskinesis, for which the best prevention is constant, but not excessive, training
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The reason for surgery in the majority of cases is to get a serious athlete back to playing baseball or an overhead sport," explained Joshua Dines, M.
Over the last decade, the incidence of ulnar collateral ligament tears has dramatically increased in the adolescent population due to widespread participation in overhead sports such as baseball," said David W.
Only during the stresses of the overhead sport will the forces be large enough to produce the abnormal glenohumeral motion.
Many young athletes engaged in overhead sports reach elite level at this age, and can result useful to diagnose the presence of os acromiale to plan a correct therapeutic path.
Shoulder pain is less common in golf than in overhead sports like tennis.
As the joint with the greatest range of motion, it is relied upon in nearly every sport, but most heavily in overhead sports such as tennis, baseball, volleyball, swimming, weight-lifting and even golf.
Immediate medical attention is especially important for people who were involved in overhead sports and occupations when they were young and are now older than 60 years and have shoulder pain.