outer membrane

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out·er mem·brane

the larger of the two membranes of a double membrane.
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The protein resides in sperm tails and helps sperm push through the tough outer membrane of an egg.
But in cancer cells, PS and PE are embedded in the outer membrane leaflet facing the cell surroundings.
The project originates from the evidence that Outer membrane Vesicles (OMVs) naturally produced by all Gram-negative bacteria can induce remarkable protective immunity, a property already exploited to develop anti-Neisseria vaccines now available for human use.
Segment two oranges, slice off the top and bottom, then cut off skin in downward slices so all skin, pith and outer membrane of the segments are removed.
Segment two oranges: slice off the top and bottom, then cut off the skin in downward slices so that all the skin, pith and outer membrane of the segments are removed.
coli is part of the family of bacteria characterized by having an extra membrane, called the outer membrane, that reduces the chances for a drug to penetrate the cell to kill it.
Researchers investigated a class of bacteria called 'Gram-negative bacteria' which is particularly resistant to antibiotics because of its cells' impermeable lipid-based outer membrane.
coli cells grown on normal medium displayed a cell wall composed of outer membrane and cytoplasmic membrane enclosing a periplasmic space.
The results for outer membrane (OM) permeabilization in both nitrocefin (NCF) assay and crystal violet uptake showed that the combination of ceftazidime plus apigenin significantly altered OM permeabilisation of CREC compared to control or single treatment of these agents.
Those hot particles burn through the outer membrane of the Salmonella, killing the bacteria.
Monocytes are key players in inflammatory processes that are triggered by lipopolysaccharide (LPS), the major outer membrane component of Gram-negative bacteria.
The outer component of the cell wall is often referred to as the outer membrane because if its structural and chemical resemblance to biological membranes.