Orjan, 20th-century Swedish bacteriologist. See: Ouchterlony method, Ouchterlony technique, Ouchterlony test, Ouchterlony technique.
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This was clearly seen as one band of precipitin on the agar plate by the Ouchterlony method (Fig.
Baker AJ, Topolovec-Vranic J, Michalak A, Pollmann-Mudry MA, Ouchterlony D, Cheung B, Tien HC.
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O diagnostico da leucose foi efetuado pela tecnica de imunodifusao radial dupla de Ouchterlony (BIRGEL, 1982).
La prueba de DD de Ouchterlony se realizo sobre laminas de vidrio cubiertas con agarosa al 1% disuelta en tampon salino fosfato (PBS) 0,01 M, pH 7,2, conteniendo azida de sodio al 0,02% (21).
Column chromatography followed by serology using aversion of the classical Ouchterlony agar gel immuno diffusion technique (17) demonstrated the presence of reactive lipid(s) in some of the early eluates off the column, reactive only with antiserum from alepromatous leprosy patient and an experimentally infected armadillo, which did not extend to serum from patients with tuberculosis or an M.
As early as 1949, Orjan Ouchterlony used antibodies as reagents for immunodiffusion methods (26), but the major breakthrough was with the application of RIA, which was developed by Solomon Berson and Rosalyn Yalow and for which Yalow was awarded the Nobel Prize.
Immunodiffusion tests were performed in 1% agar noble (Difco Laboratories, Detroit, MI, USA) according to the modified Ouchterlony method as described previously (CAMARGO et al.
La inmunogenicidad de la enzima purificada fue determinada siguiendo la metodologia de Ouchterlony y Nilsson (1967), sobre geles de agarosa al 1% en PBS.
James Ouchterlony lines up today in the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Villabassa, Italy.
To demonstrate the specific IgY immunoglobulin activity, an Ouchterlony double gel diffusion test was used [19].
For both organisms, Lancefield hot-acid extracts were prepared from the clinical isolates and tested in Ouchterlony immunodiffusion agar slides with appropriate control strains.