ostiomeatal complex

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os·ti·o·mea·tal com·plex

site in the middle meatus where the frontal and maxillary sinuses normally open into the nasal cavity; obstruction here predisposes infection in the sinus cavities.
Synonym(s): ostiomeatal unit
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Paradoxical middle turbinate is not a pathological condition but may cause narrowing of the ostiomeatal complex.
2] 16 [+ or -] 2(11-22) (c) Shwachman score 85 (65-100) (d) Endoscopic exam, % Middle meatus purulent secretion 38 Adenoid hypertrophy 18 Polyps 12 CT scan, % Maxillary opacification (a) 73 Ethmoid opacification (a) 61 Ostiomeatal complex opacification (b) 61 Note.
Variations of ostiomeatal complex and its applied anatomy: a CT scan study.
So the guiding principle of management is to reverse the pathology at the ostiomeatal complex and hence new modalities of treatment have dramatically changed standards in the case of patients with rhinosinusitis.
CT scan of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses showed a blocked right ostiomeatal complex and a soft-tissue lesion expanding the right nasal cavity with posterior nasopharyngeal extension and a right concha bullosa.
Diagnostic nasal endoscopy was done and aspirate (henceforth called as sinus aspirate) was taken from the region of Ostiomeatal complex using nasal suction cannula connected to a suction trap.
Computed tomography (CT) of the paranasal sinuses demonstrated involvement of the right maxillary sinus, ostiomeatal complex, frontal recess, and ethmoid air cells.
1) The central concepts of functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) evolved primarily out of the detailed work of Messerklinger in evaluating mucociliary clearance patterns and endoscopic changes within the ostiomeatal complex and in incorporating computed tomography (CT) to image the ethmoid sinuses.
In addition, the CT scan showed a well-pneumatized uncinate process on the left side that appeared to be obstructing the outflow tract in the left ostiomeatal complex (figure, A).
The ostiomeatal complex is a functional entity of the anterior ethmoid complex that represent the final common pathway for drainage and ventilation of the frontal, maxillary and the anterior ethmoid cells.
Computed tomography (CT) of the facial bones revealed extensive opacification throughout the left ostiomeatal complex, the middle and anterior left nasal air cavity, and the anterior portions of the ethmoid sinuses; the opacification extended to the level of the nares (figure 1).