osmium tetroxide

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os·mic ac·id

(oz'mik as'id),
OsO4; a volatile caustic and strong oxidizing agent; colorless crystals, poorly soluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents; the aqueous solution is a fat and myelin stain and a general fixative for electron microscopy.
Synonym(s): osmium tetroxide

osmium tetroxide

A volatile poisonous pale yellow solid, OsO4, with a pungent smell, used as an oxidizing agent and in solution to stain and fix biological material, especially lipids. Also called osmic acid.

osmium tetroxide


osmic acid

a substance used in the fixing of cytological preparations that is characterized by the small amount of distortion it causes.


a chemical element, atomic number 76, atomic weight 190.2, symbol Os. See Table 6.

osmium tetroxide
a pathology stain and fixative; called also osmic acid.
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The pellets were washed in Pipes buffer with sucrose for 2 h at 4[degrees]C and postfixed in 1% osmium tetraoxide in Pipes buffer for 75 min at 4[degrees]C.
The TEM analysis of the nanocomposites was done on the Hitachi H-800 after the specimen dyed by using osmium tetraoxide.
For TEM observations, ultrathin specimens were cut in a vertical direction to the fracture surface and stained with osmium tetraoxide.
To enhance the image contrast of the rubber phase, microtomed sections of GTX 910 were stained at ambient temperature in the vapor of a 2% aqueous solution of osmium tetraoxide, Os[O.
For direct examination of the two phase nature of a rubber-modified epoxy system, the ultra-thin sections were stained for 5 min in a tetra-hydrofuran solution containing 1 w/v% osmium tetraoxide (Os[O.