Declaration of Oslo

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A statement by the World Medical Association in 1970—amended in 1983—which attempted to modernise the Hippocratic Oath’s language on abortions regarding a woman’s right to privacy
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The Oslo Declaration of Principles had made history and the general feeling was that it was no longer a question of if peace was possible, but when.
Israel has abandoned the Oslo Declaration of Principles (DOP) which stipulated a "transitional period not exceeding five years, leading to a permanent settlement based on Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338C, and has no regard for the arrangements, treaties and protocols that followed the DOP .
The obvious question stemming from the Oslo Declaration was: which cluster munitions cause unacceptable harm to civilians?
He wanted to know the reasons for the failure of the Oslo declaration of principles.
The Government's decision to commit to the Oslo Declaration on banning cluster bombs meant that 112 million pounds was lost on equipment and contracts.
Mr Cook has reported to numerous international bodies on the need to end the use of both landmines and cluster bombs and his work played a key role in the development of the Oslo Declaration which set a target of reaching agreement on a ban by 2008.
Forty-six of the 49 nations that attended the February conference hosted by Norway adopted the Oslo declaration calling for a treaty banning cluster bombs by the end of 2008.
In the same vein, Qurei insists that he, not Hirschfeld, authored the initial document that eventually emerged after numerous iterations as the Oslo Declaration of Principles (DOP) on Interim Self-Government Arrangements.
The resulting Oslo Declaration of the Oslo Conference on Cluster Munitions has since been endorsed by 65 governments, including Canada, committing governments to conclude a new treaty by 2008.
The Government earlier this year joined 46 other nations in the Oslo Declaration with the aim of an international treaty on cluster bombs by next year.
Britain is also a signatory to the Oslo Declaration which commits us, by 2008, to reaching a binding agreement to ban the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of all dumb cluster munitions.
Japan refused to support the Oslo declaration adopted Friday that called for a treaty banning cluster bombs by the end of 2008, while 46 of the 49 nations attending the conference supported it.