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mechanical correction of deformities.


/or·tho·prax·is/ (or″tho-prak´sis) orthopraxy.


(or″thō-prăk′sĭs) [″ + prassein, to make]
The mechanical correction of deformities.

orthopraxy, orthopraxis

mechanical correction of deformities.
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Dhyanchand Carr proposes the primacy of story over doctrine, because only when the story of God and his intentions resonates with one's faith will the right values, convictions, and orthopraxis emerge.
It is this phenomenological approach to a spirituality of faith, orthopraxis, rather than what many saw as the pre-Vatican II catechetical approach, orthodoxy or catechesis, that dominated the focus group sessions (Rummery, 2001).
If God is shut out, peace on earth breaks down, and no godless orthopraxis can save us" (p.
Gabriel Almond, Emmanuel Sivan and Scott Appleby thus included amongst the "properties of fundamentalism" the following general considerations:(2) Although fundamentalists profess to be upholding religious orthodoxy (right belief) or orthopraxis (right behavior) and hold themselves out as being instrumental in preserving religious traditions from erosion, they in fact embark upon ideologies, practices and organizational structures that are quite new and unprecedented in established or mainstream religions.
Gonda is not mentioned in the context, although Gonda used the term orthopraxis for many years (at least since Inleiding tot het Indische denken [Antwerpen, 1948], 160), and provides an elaborate discussion on the significance of ritual praxis in the large work (the second volume of Die Religionen Indiens, vol.
In fact, mission is not an innocent word but calls for acts of repentance, orthopraxis, confidence, and discernment.
Because Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxis emerge out of an understanding of God and God alone, the visio Dei shapes people's ethical dispositions and offers a new way of perceiving the imago Dei in those whose dignity is often disfigured by dehumanizing stereotypes and demeaning public rhetoric.
Joseph's no longer Catholic--apart from the theologically disputed question of whether the 2009 procedure to save a pregnant mother's life was a direct abortion--and also to declare Catholic Healthcare West outside the realm of Catholic orthodoxy or orthopraxis in its policies on relations with non-Catholic hospitals within its system remains a question likely to haunt many Catholic hospital systems for years to come unless some resolution is reached.
Eventually, orthopraxis was as important as orthodoxy.
The threads that run throughout Eppley's discussion question the justification for legitimate disobedience to worldly authorities, when an individual Christian's prior obedience is to God; the locus of hermeneutical authority; and the nature of orthodoxy and orthopraxis.
It is as though, after centuries of concern for trinitarian orthodoxy, we have now come to the point of seeking a trinitarian orthopraxis.