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Pertaining to or characterized by orexia.
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McDowell's realism addresses the issue obliquely insofar as he describes the virtuous person's way of seeing things as reflective of "a conception of how to live" (19) and "an orectic state.
However, the orectic state, in order effectively to be part of realistically interpreted virtue, needs to be a dimension of a correct conception of how to live.
And though this is to credit him with an orectic state, it is not to credit him with an externally intelligible over-arching desire; for we cannot understand the content of the orectic state from the envisaged external standpoint.
I suggest, then, that this deeply orectic or passionate need and its continual revitalization symbolizes a certain general "law" of society.
Did the yea-saying author have to wrench his mind in order to rehearse Melanie's option, which is, however, not |grey' nor full of hatred, (like Caligula), but as orectic towards nothingness as bulimics towards fullness?