Orange Haze

A regional term for LSD
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In the picture, debris float in front of an orange haze of flame and a soldier is seen covering his ears from the blast.
Beneath the orange haze of Saturn's moon Titan, methane rains from the sky and pools in lakes--and might even burst forth from massive storm squalls like those seen on Earth.
The work builds on geological data from other researchers that suggests the early Earth was intermittently shrouded by an organic pale orange haze that came from light breaking down methane molecules in the atmosphere into more complex hydrocarbons, organic compounds of hydrogen and carbon.
Orange haze from the industries of Avonmouth, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare over the water are just coming into sight as I go to speak and then don't.
Denver sits in a big bowl, and in the early 70s, an orange haze covered the city.
As we make our way over to the milking station, the sun continues to rise above us, blanketing the farm in a warm, orange haze, and the sense of calmness is soothing.
An orange haze of smoke could be seen over that area of the city from Route 2; streets surrounding the Main Street area were closed to traffic.
Reflection Bay used to be a tourist destination but now it is covered in a thick orange haze.
But this time, the confetti was alive - tens of millions of butterflies swarming around us in an orange haze.
Saturn's largest moon is the only one in the solar system to have an atmosphere, which is so dense that the surface is hidden beneath an orange haze.
Then at night, after a splendid meal at the adjacent New Inn (Barnsley chop the size of Hampshire for pounds 6 got our vote), we gazed at the vast, sparkling splash of stars that town dwellers rarely see through the orange haze of street lamps.