Orange Foods

Foods (e.g., oranges, cantalope, mangoes) which are said—by the proponents of the pseudoscience of colour therapy—to release energy to the body and promote a sense of well-being
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If you eat a colorful variety of vegetables that include several servings of dark-green and orange foods each week, you will be getting all of the nutrients that have been linked with better eye health.
Orange foods have beta carotene, which improves immunity and oral health.
Even better, all orange foods are also packed with vitamin C, another antioxidant which boosts the immune system, and also protects against cardiovascular disease.
EAT ORANGE FOODS According to colour therapists, orange is a colour that helps lift our mood, makes us cheerful and boosts energy levels.
Spicy red and orange foods and a treat of squidgy monster marshmallows all help to set the mood and a steaming cup of fiery orange soup from the cauldron will warm little witch and wizard fingers when they come in from the cold.
VP: Orange foods, such as carrots, peppers and oranges, are rich in carotenoids - nature's antioxidant and food colourant.
Sunkist distributed 3 million Color Way Guides last year and is currently promoting orange foods in magazine advertisements.
For example, include green vegetables like broccoli and spinach in your meals or use them in dips; snack on yellow and orange foods like carrots and cantaloupe; top your salads with red and purple produce like tomatoes, grapes and strawberries plus white vegetables like garlic and onions.
Try orange curtains in the bedroom and eating orange foods like carrots, oranges and apricots.
Beta carotene, a carotenoid, is found in yellow and orange foods.