Orange Crystal

A regional term for PCP
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Berinstein's second novel in the Amanda Lester, Detective series, Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis, will be available in September, 2015.
a Shine a bright light with 'shadelier-style' r Charleigh Pendant Orange lampshade with hanging orange crystal drops, PS49, Pagazzi (0844 257 1908/8w/w w.
Green table, pounds 35 including two chairs, Morrisons; orange etched vase, pounds 35, set of three orange crystal tea light holders, pounds 18, both Star by Julien Macdonald; handmade etched green glass candle, pounds 9.
sharp, pale brown crystal; bastnaesite as tabular, sand-colored crystals; and a bright orange crystal of monazite, respectively.
Almost liquid, shimmering orange crystals spread over the deepest chocolate field while shifting patinas of purple settle around rims and edges.
5 cm show inclusions of hematite; on others the quartz crystals have hematite coatings and inclusions on selected faces, making for very attractive, reddish orange crystals.
Orange crystals permanently dissolve in increments of 10% RH, readable to an accuracy of [+ or -] 5% RH.
Dannon Sprinkl'ins with Magic Crystals - Vanilla with Orange Crystals and Vanilla with Cherry Crystals; $2.
Flat, thin, orange crystals formed when he filtered and cooled the solution.
The Gobins' thumbnail-size wulfenite specimens are straightforward groups of crystals, either loose or on matrix, with individuals seldom more than I cm on edge: some, with lustrous orange crystals, evoke the Rowley mine, while others, with red-orange crystals, seem castaways from the Red Cloud.
Some specimens show very bright orange ("wet") botryoidal growths of arsenic-rich pyromorphite; others are a brilliant yellow-green, with parallel aggregates of arched, curving crystals; still others have large orange crystals resting on yellow-green druses.