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nursing Acts of subjugation or coercion related to decisions about health care.
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But whether the oppressor were overawed by the Gray Champion's look, or perceived his peril in the threatening attitude of the people, it is certain that he gave back, and ordered his soldiers to commence a slow and guarded retreat.
I give it you if you really wished to avenge the weak and oppressed against the oppressor.
The spokesman said, 'These individuals for the realization of their ambitions become voluntary tools in the hands of oppressors and act as their mouth piece whom oppressor uses to protest its interests.
These oppressors keep the voice of the victims suppressed and those who ask them to be quiet are equally guilty.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei blasted the global arrogance, and underlined the need for adopting serious stances against the global oppressors.
But they have also called down the wrath of God on oppressors and railed against injustices done to the lowly.
Despite the sectarian tension after his execution, Al-Nimr stressed that the oppressed should unite together against the oppressors despite their religious orientation, instead of becoming tools in the hands of oppressors.
In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, brilliant Brazilian educator Paulo Freire--a man who has had a profound impact on Western thought--states: "But almost always, during the initial stage of the struggle, the oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors, or 'sub-oppressors'.
Together with his secret lover - the daughter of vampire king Viktor - Lucian raises an army worthy of taking on their bloodsucking oppressors, beginning a centuries-long conflict.
Let us look at how the victims of the past have become the oppressors of the present.
Movahedi-Kermani said, "If the entire Arabian Peninsula will rise up and shout slogans against those oppressors, then their fate will resemble the fate of Islamic Iran [referring to the overthrow of the Shah], in which the oppressors were annihilated and their criminal acts came to an end.
KARACHI -- Amir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq has said there is no ethnic or linguistic issue in the country and the real issue is of oppressors and oppressed.