operating system

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operating system (OS)

the main system programs of a computer that manage the hardware and application resources, including data input and output. Applications require an operating system to support and enable their function.
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s storage products are compatible with popular operatingsystems such as NETWare, OS/2, Windows NT, UNIX, MAC OS and with hardware platforms from IBM, Apple, Sun, Hewlett Packard, DEC, Silicon Graphics, Compaq--virtually any platform using a standard SCSI interface, including Ultra SCSI and LVD, as well as Fibre Channel and SSA.
Although Cimatron has offered a 64-bit compatible version since 2007,this is the first version of CimatronE that is native to 64-bit operatingsystems.
AutoCAD 2009software is certified for the 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista operatingsystems, helping assure that the product meets Microsoft Windows Vista standards forcompatibility, reliability and security.

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