Adolf, Hungarian laryngologist, 1857-1920. See: Onodi cell.
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Onodi cell mucoceles are rare entities that can cause devastating ocular complications if not treated promptly.
Optic neuropathy and acute visual loss caused by an isolated mucocele of an Onodi cell have been reported.
Already fascinated by magic to the point of obsession, young Ehrich (Louis Mertens) begins performing rudimentary tricks on street corners and earning money from passers-by, which he brings home to his adored mother (Eszter Onodi, "Valami America'').
running TIME: 3 1/2 HOURS CAST: Adrien Brody, Kristen Connolly, Evan Jones, Eszter Onodi
1,2) The term mucocele was first used by Rollet in 1896, and its histological examination was reported by Onodi in 1901.
Twelve areas were specifically looked at for anatomical variations (Table 1) including; Type of skull base, Anterior ethmoid artery, Agger nasi cells, Haller cells, asymmetry in anterior ethmoidal and onodi cells.
A release concert in Doha would take place on January 9 at 6pm at the Museum of Islamic Art, which would feature Alyamani on violin, George Oro on percussions, Sandor Onodi on double-bass and the Doha String Quartet.
With this result, the Athletic Club Oradea, formed of Adolf Vecsei-Weber (30 matches), Toth, Ferenc (Francisc) Meszaros (30 matches), Andor Onodi (29 matches), Iosif Petschowsky (22 matches), Nicolae Simatoc (12 matches), Gusztav Juhasz (26 matches), Rudolf Demetrovics (29 matches), Ioan Stiebinger (20 matches), Gyula Lorant (25 matches), Francisc Spielmann-Sarvari (30 matches), Gyula (Iuliu) Bodola (30 matches), Matyas Toth III (30 matches), Janos (Ioan) Kovacs II (12 matches), Antal (Anton) Fernbach-Ferenczi (3 matches), Gheorghe Moniac (2 matches), became the first countryside team which won the title of Hungary's champion (1).
The scans were reviewed for the presence of deviated nasal septum, paradoxical middle turbinate, Haller cell, Onodi cell, and pneumatisation of the middle turbinate and uncinate process.
Competing against some of the world's leading gymnasts - Frovlova, of Russia, Bulgaria's Dudeva and Stoyanova and the promising Onodi, of Hungary - she was Britain's top scorer on vault, bars, beam and floor and was among the top six who qualified for the finals.
Onodi cells are posterior ethmoid cells lying within the sphenoid bone.