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German mythologic character. See: Ondine curse.


a water nymph in German mythology.
Ondine curse - alveolar hyperventilation.
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SHEER GRACE: From Northern Ballet's Martha Leebolt as Ondine Photo by Jason Tozer
In Ondine, he plays Syracuse, an Irish fisherman whose life is transformed when he catches a beautiful and mysterious woman in his fishing nets.
CONTACT: Carolyn Cross, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ondine Biopharma Corporation, (604) 669-0555, ccross@ondinebiopharma.
There are no technical quibbles with the performances or recording of the Ondine disc, which are both exemplary, making this an ideal introduction to the young Anderson.
One afternoon Ondine was walking near the stables when she heard her husband snoring.
amp; Ondine, she'd used up all of the stones before I could begin even the first letter of a single
Ondine is the brand for the premium shower massagers.
ART OF THE MATTER: Natalie Dean, left, with Ondine Eyre, Mandy Smith, Stephanie Exley and William Senior (PC090311Dschool-01) Purchase: www.
Farrell recently spoke about how happy he was with his partner, who he met on the set of their movie Ondine two years ago.
When it came to thwarted goals, I wanted Ondine to be the instigator of her own misery.
I was walking down George IV Bridge in Edinburgh when the sign above another joint - Ondine - rang a bell.
The 33-year-old Ondine star, said: "It's probably not suitable, but I find myself singing it to him quite often.