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Sports medicine An international competition among (traditionally) nonprofessional athletes trained in a particular summer or winter sport, which is held every 4 yrs in a selected city. See Paralympics, Special Olympics, World Medical Games.

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Q. Would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the olympics? I am a shuttle relay state champion. I won many cups in state and country level. My long-time-goal is to have my name at least on the Olympics list. But here is a new problem to spoil my goal. I am diagnosed as bipolar-I. Now my worry is would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the Olympics? Or will I be able to compete in the Special Olympics?

A. wow...good question...can mental health patient be a special Olympic athletes. i think you should check it out with simple phone call, here is how to locate a special Olympics Program near you:

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amp;nbsp;For a more detailed look at NBC's programming lineup during the Rio Olympics, click (http://www.
A portion of the new funds will be directed to Special Olympics Programs around the world to help grow Unified Sports initiatives, as well as to enhance Special Olympics Unified Sports branding and marketing initiatives to increase awareness of the program.
The standards of choosing students for the Olympics are simple.
45pm Vancouver Olympics, Cross-country Skiing (Eurosport)
All these projects spring directly from the planning process for the Olympics, and they are changing our city.
Germany had been selected to host the 1936 Olympics in 1931, when it had a democratic government known as the Weimar (VY-mahr) Republic, installed after Germany's defeat in World War I.
In these games, as in all previous modern Olympics, the vast majority of the staff who work the events--the bus drivers, the food vendors, the traffic cops, the military officers manning" the security command centers--have never done this before.
Government and Olympics officials are now working around the clock to ready sites for the competitions.
Since the attacks on the United States in September 2001, high-profile events such as the Olympics automatically have been considered potential targets for terrorism.
For example, use the Olympics vocabulary or Reading Olympics worksheets with students.
Billy Payne, president of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, praised the torch's symbolism even more effusively than Romney: "This precious, magical flame can illuminate us all with its hope of a brighter future.