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Dr Tilney said Oliver Cromwell had passed through Cardiff after the battle of St Fagans in May 1648 but she finds it hard to believe he came to Llandaff.
The Oliver Cromwell was making its debut on the Daily Post & Echo's North Wales Coast Express.
FULL STEAM AHEAD: Above Edmund Griffiths and the Oliver Cromwell PICTURE: Mark Fraser
Starring Owen Roe as Oliver Cromwell, Declan Conlon as Hugh Dubh O'Neill and Catherine Walker as Elizabeth Price.
Old Ironsides: The Military Biography of Oliver Cromwell.
SEVEN English Christ-ians are on a prayer walkabout in Ireland following in the murderous footsteps of Oliver Cromwell.
Tuesday's episode follows the grand misadventures of Oliver Cromwell, who helped depose Charles but led many grisly and unnecessary battles.
Later chapters of Writing the English Republic explore how the increasing prestige of Oliver Cromwell brought new tensions to a republican poetics, as poets such as Payne Fisher and George Wither strove to praise a single figure in service of the state.
Britannia class No 70013 Oliver Cromwell was used on BR's last passenger train, which ran from Liverpool to Carlisle on August 11, 1968.
1649: Oliver Cromwell declared England a republican state.
A FORMER railwayman has more reason than most to welcome the Oliver Cromwell to Cardiff.
But Oliver Cromwell won and Charles fled to Europe.