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Palestinians plant around 10,000 new olive trees in the West Bank every year.
The uprooting of olive trees by the Israel Defence Forces and by settlers are done to protect the settlers, since they are supposedly used to protect gunmen or stone throwers.
Aziz bin Abdullah al-Fahdi (farmer) told Oman News Agency (ONA) that olive tree has adopted to the climate and environment of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, and this is proven by the high production of the tree every season, making farmers turn to grow olive in the recent period for its economic return that could come in the second place after the pomegranate.
Rawly said the annual olive harvest is a vital economic, social and cultural component for the Palestinian livelihood, because nearly half of all cultivated land in the occupied Palestinian Territories (oPt) is planted with olive trees.
In the fall of 2003, The Guardian reported that armed Jewish settlers from Eli attacked Palestinian orchards in Sawiya, south of Nablus, and destroyed 1,000 olive trees, some dating back to Roman times.
The Kolin Group, which was heavily criticized in November when it uprooted over 6,000 olive trees in Yyrca to prepare for the construction of a power plant in the area, announced that the new sites determined for the proposed construction of a power plant are somewhere in between TE-rkpiyale and Kayrakalty, nearly 15 kilometers away from Yyrca.
In the first phase of said drive CDA is going to plant five thousand (5000) olive trees.
In the first phase of the drive CDA is going to plant five thousand (5000) olive trees.
Settlers from Tuffah chopped down around 100 olive trees belonging to Palestinians in the village of Yasuf," Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors settlement activity in the Northern West Bank said, Ma'an news agency reported.
A local farmer has offended to grow olive trees, he said he just needs brackish water, which Mangystau region has indeed.
It is a creative and persistent way of dealing with the Israeli systematic destruction of lands and uprooting of olive trees.