Office of Inspector General

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Of·fice of In·spec·tor Gen·er·al

(OIG) (aw'fis in-spek'tŏr jen'ĕr-ăl)
Government (federal, state) agency that investigates and prosecutes fraud in government health care programs.
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Department of Education, Office of Inspector General, Investigation Services.
The Web site for the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General offers the latest in fraud prevention and detection news, federal register notices, evaluation and inspection reports, and more.
One possibility, which has been endorsed in a report by the Office of Inspector General (9), is to extend Veterans Administration deep drug discounts to state ADAPs (10).
The use of psychotropic drugs as chemical restraints in nursing homes is not a pervasive problem, reported the Department of Health and Human Services's Office of Inspector General.
Overzealous Office of Inspector General investigations
The Office of Inspector General of the Social Security Administration (SSA) issued its audit report of the social security coverage of state and local government employees.
The American Institute of CPAs was opposed to early versions of the bill because it gave the LSC Office of Inspector General direct hiring authority over the independent auditor of the LSC funds recipient.
They clarified staff role definitions, expanded investigations with new budget help, brought in temporary "detail" help for special projects, organized theft-awareness training on national forests, encouraged a "watchdog" hotline (with a toll-free number at the Office of Inspector General at USDA)--and fostered a whole new sense of purpose.
Three of 134 incidents of abuse and neglect in 33 states identified by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General were in Iowa.
This was a very important and special workshop as it was the first time USAID office of Inspector General and office of the Auditor General of Pakistan, collaborated on the subject.

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