Offensive Weapon

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A term defined under the Prevention of Crime Act 1953 (UK) as ‘Any article made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use by him (or some other person)’
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Conviction of a knife or offensive weapon offence is now more likely to result in some form of custodial sentence, according to the MoJ report.
The guideline from the Sentencing Council should serve as a clear warning to those considering carrying offensive weapons, or threatening others with them, that they will be treated severely and appropriately by the courts and risk ruining lives, as well as their own and those of their families.
Dominic James, 28, of Midway, Walker, was charged with attempted grievous body harm with intent, affray, possession of an offensive weapon, aggravated vehicle-taking and failing to provide a specimen.
It counts as an offensive weapon, just as much as a knife or a screwdriver could be.
As a result, one person was arrested for being in possession of an offensive weapon and five people were arrested for drugs related offences.
John Stokes, 23, of the same address, is accused of criminal damage, disorderly behaviour, possession of an offensive weapon, common assault and theft of car keys.
The bill provides that a minor above 15 years but below 18 years of age who shall unlawfully possess an offensive weapon or bladed or pointed article shall be presumed to have acted with discernment.
We have consistently said that the best way to tackle violence is through education and prevention and our campaign has been a great success, with handling offensive weapons crime reducing significantly in all 11 areas where the programme is running and youth crime across Scotland falling by 50 per cent over the last six years.
He admitted possessing an offensive weapon in Ffordd Elisabeth, Llandudno last November 24 at 3.
Latham, best known as Phillip "Lip" Gallagher in Shameless, was also questioned in connection with an assault and possession of an offensive weapon.
In vain will you build churches, preach missions, found schools; all your works, all your efforts, will be destroyed if you cannot at the same time wield the defensive and offensive weapon of a press that is Catholic, loyal and sincere.