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n a deduction; a counterclaim; a contrary claim or demand by which a given claim may be lessened or cancelled.
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After evaluating stress concentration factors (SCFs) for 3-way intersections with a different off-set distances, the results show that an insufficient stagger interval creates a large intersection span.
Or, if the object of your attention is suddenly very, very close, you can engage with easy-to-see open sights, with little to no off-set, as you might have with standard front and rear sights.
They will also off-set the carbon footprint of their vehicle, and sign up to the firm's Driving Greener Charter of tips on improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.
Once in operation, this aspect of the carbon management plan will require regular monitoring and an annual measurement to assess success against targets and measure the off-set need.
IDA approved the sale of about $145 million in bonds on behalf of the school to pay for the expansion, as well as a mortgage recording tax waiver of about $4 million to help off-set financing costs.
Key features include 3V and 5V operation, therm/alert signals, off-set register for system calibration, Operating current of fewer than 215 [micro]A and low self-heating 0.
The drill units can be equipped with multi-spindle drill heads and off-set drill heads to increase productivity and versatility.
As investors, we have a right to know how these companies are positioned to deal with challenges coming their way as a result of global warming, from the potential reintroduction of the McCain-Lieberman climate change legislation to the decision by Vermont to off-set emissions that could create a Day After Tomorrow scenario.
Further down, the company has another off-set high-grade zone suspected of being a similar size, and plans to use these underground workings as a staging area to explore deeper.
Although he declined to detail the Harry Potter antics, his private off-set film collection includes antics from movies including Peter Pan and Black Hawk Down.
The plug-in supports probing routines to set tool length and diameter, perform workpiece identification, workpiece setup, in-process tool off-set control, and part inspection.
To make it seem even longer and give the bike a more custom look, Honda utilizes an off-set front suspension with a trailing-link.