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n a deduction; a counterclaim; a contrary claim or demand by which a given claim may be lessened or cancelled.
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According to Intelligent Finance, if you had savings of pounds 1,000 and a pounds 100,000 off-set repayment mortgage, you would save pounds 2,216 in interest over 25 years and repay your mortgage three months early.
Many banks claim off-set helps individuals tackle their debts and is in their best interests.
Once in operation, this aspect of the carbon management plan will require regular monitoring and an annual measurement to assess success against targets and measure the off-set need.
Susan, 39, said: "We have pounds 5,000 in savings which we off-set against our pounds 150,000 mortgage.
The adverts, which are aimed at The One account's target market of 35to 50-year-olds, will feature Kiki the frog explaining how an off-set mortgage works to Hector the dog.
Diamondback[TM] arch-breaking hoppers are backed up by a wide range of ancillary equipment including air permeation systems, anti-segregation chutes and baffles, de-aeration devices, feeder interfaces, transition pieces, in-bin blending cylinders, off-set cone blenders and speciality hoppers custom-designed to match individual problems.
Both actors were glad, though, that the mama alligator - who charges to the rescue of her babies when Lucy and Scott think they've found bird eggs and hungrily decide on a prehatching egg feast - was just a prerecorded alligator roar played off-set.
Off-set, she lives quietly with husband Jo Blatchley, an actor and director, and their 11-year-old daughter Eleanor.
Although we saw the 4-3 defense back then, it was not the off-set 4-3 that Miami University and the Dallas Cowboys popularized over the past decade or showed the front that is so common today at every level.
Model 1441 has one screen, four offset, four off-set, one screen.
According to the company's grant application, American Rubber Recycling Centers plans to use the MPCA grant to design and safety-test a guardrail off-set extension for use on roads and highways.
Cost Off-sets: 57% of companies studied are planning cost reductions elsewhere in operations to off-set cost inflation.