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Military medicine
The now-illegal practice of deliberately exposing military personnel and civilians to toxic war gases.

Vox populi
Flatulence, see their.


Release of gaseous chemicals from a solid. Cf Flatulence.
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UL Environment adds that products that are applied wet, such as glues and paints, often off-gas while they are curing.
Fixed and conditional disk agreement for the delivery and installation of a mobile off-gas analysis system for the pilot plant.
These include applications where there are medium off-gas volumes at high-gas temperatures, off-gas containing unwanted components such as tars, and where specific clean gas properties are required, such as low moisture content, low solid content and a gas temperature above the dew point for further processing/cleaning.
A further characteristic of bio and off-gas production is that often there is limited storage available and as a consequence the fuel needs to be used when it becomes available or discharged to atmosphere.
With one in six homes across Wales relying on off-gas fuels, such as heating oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), coal or wood, the Welsh Government's Nest scheme is urging householders to contact them for information.
This was another example how the refinery has continued to maximise the routing of off-gas to Banagas, in particular crude gas recovery unit (CGRU) and NRC off-gas in order to improve the overall profit margin.
Additionally, contained within this contract is part of the expansion project being executed at RIL's Jamnagar refining and petrochemical complex in Gujarat, on the West coast of India and the company also mentioned that this plant will be a large ethylene cracker will use refinery off-gas as feedstock and be integrated to RIL's Jamnagar refinery complex and the plant's products will be used as feedstock for the new downstream petrochemical plants.
Its North Wales spokesman told Business Post it is launching a 'one stop shop' advice service for off-gas communities to help guide property owners through the complex, but financially rewarding, process of going green.
Williams currently processes off-gas from Suncor Energy's oil-sands facility in the Fort McMurray area, extracts the NGLs and olefins and transports them via the Suncor Oil Sands Pipe Line.
Lightning solution keeps the Browns Ferry Nuclear plant's off-gas stack strike free reducing lightning strikes by 80% within a 500-meter radius.
During the first phase of research, the off-gas will be sent to the Superstack.