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Latin form of Greek mythologic character, Odysseos. See: Ulysses syndrome.


Greek mythological character.
Ulysses syndrome - the ill effects of extensive diagnostic investigations performed because of a false-positive result in the course of routine laboratory screening.
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Stanford (1964) traces the permutations of Odysseus in literature through almost three thousand years of development, and considers Kazantzakis's Odyssey and James Joyce's Ulysses as "the most elaborate portraits of Odysseus in the whole post-Homeric tradition.
Development of mining on the Odysseus deposits represents an opportunity for the company to open a second production center.
The Odysseus booking engine can also seamlessly incorporate airline and accommodation reservations into the same booking pathway," Upton said.
By pointing up the dangers of discovery that Odysseus barely escapes, such seemingly loose ends in the 'disguise' strand of the epic hint at alternative outcomes to the hero's nostos.
Whether he is lying to the man-eating cyclops, Polyphemus, about his name, or disguising himself as a beggar in order to spy upon his wife's dangerous suitors, Odysseus always appears to have only self-preservation in mind, completely devoid of heretical schemes.
However, the production feels somewhat becalmed for a time after the interval as, stuck in the rosy-hued past, Smith/ Odysseus and his companions summon up the spirits of the dead and ward off the call of the Sirens, while at home his party goes into political meltdown and his family, circled by the media, starts to implode.
Eventually, the powers-that-be decide Odysseus should be released from Calypso's clutches.
It is said that novels set in the past are always a commentary on the present day, and ultimately that is the source of Odysseus Abroad's power.
Becoming, going toward, or moving after Odysseus implies seeking a way back "home," striving to remember (or at least resisting forgetting) and transmitting this experience.
He summarizes the book's route in his note at the very beginning: "This book is meant to be a guide to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, which will lead the traveller from Troy along the Aegean coast of Turkey and then around the shores of the Mediterranean, following in the footsteps of Odysseus as he goes off to fight in the Trojan War and, after many adventures, makes his way back to his home and family in Ithaca.
The young Trojan makes his way through Greece looking for his lost sister--in the process encountering the nasty intrigues among the victors of the Trojan War and visiting the Oracle at Delphi--and finally finds himself in Ithaca along with Telemachus, the young son of Odysseus.
Especially since it comes from the guests' satisfaction, the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is a remarkable recognition of the high standard hospitality that Astir Odysseus Kos Resort and Spa offers.