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Latin form of Greek mythologic character, Odysseos. See: Ulysses syndrome.


Greek mythological character.
Ulysses syndrome - the ill effects of extensive diagnostic investigations performed because of a false-positive result in the course of routine laboratory screening.
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Athena intervenes to save Odysseus and he arrives the palace of his friends, the king and queen of Scheria, who want to hear about all his adventures to date.
The following quotation from the author can give a hint about Freely's devotion to his topic: "I first crossed the wake of Odysseus in October 1945 on a US Navy troopship coming back to New York from the Pacific and China-Burma-India theatres of war.
Menelaus sees in Telemachus a resemblance to Odysseus but hesitates, out of courtesy, to mention it.
Odysseus and his men then thrust a burning beam of wood into the monster's eye "till the boiling blood bubbled all over it as we worked it round and round.
He skillfully conveys a remarkable amount of factual information about the ancient Greeks and Trojans without once slowing the pace and brings to life the story of Odysseus by making us see it through a Trojan's eyes.
The comrades of Odysseus, who eat the cattle of Helios and are punished with destruction, are called nepioi in the opening lines of the Odyssey (1.
The fossil is officially known as a Rieneckia odysseus - but Emily, of Chippenham, Wilts, has affectionately dubbed it Spike.
The standard interpretaion of Penelope's recognition of Odysseus would have us believe that she does not recognize him until book 23.
5) Ebenso finden sich HomerVerweise in De deo Socratis, Florida, De mundo und im Roman Metamorphoses (6) In letzterem beschranken sich die intertextuellen Bezuge nicht auf einzelne argumentativ eingesetzte Zitate, Paraphrasen, Vergleiche und Reminiszenzen, sondern bieten daruber hinaus ein Muster fur die Handlungsstruktur, indem die Abenteuer des Esels an die Irrfahrten des Odysseus anklingen.
The race of one-eyed giants encountered by the mythical Greek hero Odysseus was called what?
Eight of these properties are also featured in the Odysseus 2010 brochure.
In Odysseus the Rebel (Big Head Press), a comic-book-variation on The Odyssey written by Steven Grant and drawn by Scott Bieser, the title character defies not just Poseidon but all the gods.