Imaging A radiopharmaceutical that binds to specific receptors of small tumors, for early detection and treatment of cancer. See Scanning.
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An octreoscan confirmed radiotracer uptake in the soft tissue mass adjacent to the duodenum, a new liver lesion with uptake, and a single focus of uptake within the mediastinum without a clear anatomic correlate.
After octreoscan positivity for SCPCa, somatostatin analogs and their radionuclide derivatives might exert a palliative effect in symptomatic patients.
In a pilot study of five patients, the researchers demonstrated that their "antagonist", 111In-DOTA-BASS, outperformed the "agonist" agent, OctreoScan, that is widely used in the clinic to image neuroendocrine tumours bearing somatostatin receptors.
The presence of a small radiodense lesion in the left foot was detected by on an indium-111 (In-111) OctreoScan (Covidien, Hazelwood, MO), which indicated the possibility of a tumor (Figure 2).
Somatostatin receptors can be visualized in vivo in orbital tissue of GD patients by octreoscan.
As a result of this agreement, Syncor will be given broad access to the full range of radiopharmaceuticals within the current Mallinckrodt portfolio, including its newest proprietary imaging product, Octreoscan.
Among these products are OctreoScan, an indium labeled peptide for the scintigraphic localization of neuroendocrine tumors; P-32 chromic phosphate, an approved radioisotope currently being investigated for use in therapy of various types of solid tumors and advanced stage ovarian cancer; and MAG3, a technetium labeled tracer used in the quantitative evaluation of renal disease.
In that European pilot study, Tc-99m P587 was found to have improved target/non-target ratios than OctreoScan, allowing for faster detection times and improved image quality.
NYSE: MKG), announced today that the European Committee for proprietary Medicinal products (CPMP) considers OctreoScan (Kit for Preparation of Indium IN-111 Pentetreotide), to meet the requirements for marketing authorization in Europe.
The growth will result from the introduction of new products, such as OctreoScan and Albunex, which were approved by the U.
Food and Drug Administration's mid-June approval of OctreoScan, a radiopharmaceutical for diagnosing certain cancer tumors, and early August authorization of Albunex, the first contrast media for use with ultrasound, were also good news in terms of outlook for the future.
We are planning for sales to grow at about 12 to 13 percent annually over the next five years, benefitting from new products such as Albunex and OctreoScan imaging agents, and earnings to grow at approximately 14 to 15 percent, resulting from volume growth, productivity improvement and cost reductions from the restructuring," Moussa said.