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The commander of the 3d Chemical Brigade, Fort Leonard Wood, agreed to the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade request and viewed it as a great opportunity for the Chemical Corps to demonstrate its battlefield obscuration capabilities to the maneuver commander and others who would be observing the combined arms breaching rehearsal.
Early CT finding in cerebral infarction: Obscuration of the lentiform nucleus.
Calculations of the response of light obscuration counters reveal that as [DELTA]n increases above [approximately equal to] 0.
However, if higher amounts of silicone are present in the samples, it interferes with the USP <788> light obscuration method and can result in high particle counts.
46) As for the reported obscuration of surface detail at R1 and R2, it is of interest to note Fitton (1975) suggests the emission of light by gases above the lunar surface could produce opaque TLPs.
The most common particle detection methods are light obscuration and electrozone testing, an example of which is shown in figure 2.
With advances in thermochromic and photochromic materials, it is possible to develop camouflage patterns that aid in obscuration by changing color when subjected to changes in temperature and sunlight.
SENVG provides soldiers with a significant operational capability that allows them to "truly own the night," regardless of environmental conditions or obscuration.
A preferred location for the BSA would be on the reverse slope of a mountain or large hill, using the surrounding terrain to the advantage of the BSB, providing protection against artillery fire, DF, and obscuration from observation.
Established papilloedema (Figure 2) causes transient visual obscuration, which can last only for a few seconds, in one or both eyes, often upon standing.
kinetic, obscuration, illumination, lethal) to address future and emerging capability gaps.
While autobiography falsely promises (as Freud enthusiastically urged) unprecedented frankness and tell-all exposes, we know that the writing of one's own life involves instead (an equally tantalising) dance of revelation and obscuration.