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objectivism (b·jekˑ·ti·vizˑ·m),

n principle of modern biomedicine according to which the one observing is separate from what is being observed.
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According to an August profile in The New Yorker, Ryan in 2005 told the Atlas Society, which promotes Rand's objectivist philosophy of individualism and self-reliance, that he required his interns and staff to read Rand.
3) The fact that the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, which raises selfishness to a virtue and reduces altruism to "slavery," has increasingly infiltrated the highest levels of corporate America and the nation's business schools.
Rand was able to develop her objectivist philosophy by taking time in her book to explore, expand, and preach the stark difference between the freedom of the entrepreneur and the dull, drab weariness of the fascist economy that destroys opportunity, wealth, and freedom while claiming to "equalize opportunity" for everyone.