Otto H.F., German physician, 1843-1873. See: Obermeier spirillum.
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Obermeier, Comment, Scoping Out the Limits of "Arms" Under the Second Amendment, 60 U.
The year was 1978, and practically no one in my country, Norway, had ever heard about Borrelia, although German microscopist Otto Obermeier had identified the spirochete as cause of disease as early as 1868.
The Ajman Palace general manager Roland Obermeier said: "We are delighted that The Ajman Palace has been honoured being the first hotel reviewed and getting classified by the ATDD and receiving the 5-star rating.
What I am most ecstatic about in regards to my account executive position is that I get to jump right in with such a great team consisting of Rich Obermeier, Corey Metz, Mike Maida, and myself.
Henkel V, Seemuller E Obermeier M, Adli M, Bauer M, Mundt C, Brieger P, Laux G, Bender W, Heuser I, Zeiler J, Gaebel W, Mayr A, Moller HJ, Riedel M.
Roland Obermeier, general manager of the hotel welcomed the hotel's first guests -- Walter Rau and Anette Fraenkle.
Obermeier said that regarding occupancy levels in the Middle East properties, corporate stays had been affected more than leisure stays, and that business travellers might consider using video conferencing or other ways of communication to reduce travel frequency.
In the beginning of the 20th century moose were still in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad region, Russia; Obermeier 1913) but were never encountered after World War I.
We are fighting for the future existence of the company,' HRE spokesman Hans Obermeier had said.
The spirochetal cause for louseborne relapsing fever was first demonstrated by Otto Obermeier during an outbreak in Berlin (1867 1868).
Bjork and Anita Obermeier for a survey of the scholarly debates surrounding the date, provenance, author, and audiences of Beowulf.

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