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o´culus uter´que (each eye).


[L.] o´culus uter´que (each eye).


(ŏk′ū-lŭs) plural.oculi [L.]
Eye; the organ of vision made up of the eyeball and optic nerve.

oculus dexter

Abbreviation: OD
The right eye.

oculus sinister

Abbreviation: OS
The left eye.

oculus uterque

Abbreviation: OU
Each eye.


[L.] oculi uterque (each eye).
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Para esta investigacion se realizo un registro detallado de las actividades de campo realizadas durante 10 meses discontinuos, entre 2005-2007: asistencia a reuniones y a otros eventos --academicos, organizativos, de denuncia o encuentros con instancias del gobierno local-- programados por las OUS o por otros actores en salud de la ciudad.
At the end of all this the chancellor's office may be redundant - in which case, Rose should not be so deeply rooted in the OUS culture that she becomes an obstacle to necessary change.
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