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On skeletal analysis, we detected significant differences between the OSAS and control groups in the facial taper (p[less than]0.
Our study was designed to evaluate dentofacial morphology in children with OSAS.
The growing list of integrated editions includes AvaTax ST for Best Software's MAS 90(R) and MAS 200(R), ACCPAC Advantage Series(TM), Microsoft's (MSFT) Great Plains, Navision(R), MS Small Business Financials, Scala, and now Open Systems' OSAS and Traverse (OEM).
18] Another study of patients with OSAS found that they had twice the prevalence of hypertension, three times the prevalence of coronary artery disease, and four times the prevalence of cerebrovascular disease than did the U.
20] By contrast, there were no deaths among patients in whom OSAS was eliminated by tracheostomy, despite the fact that the tracheostomized patients had been more severely affected.
I'm pleased with today's ruling and congratulate the members of OSAS and their president, Diann Woodard on this sweet victory," stated Dr.
We are talking about people's lives here and the quality of education for our schoolchildren," said Diann Woodard, President of OSAS and a former Detroit schools assistant principal.
OSAS plans to take its case to the streets on Labor Day, when hundreds of union members will march in protest of CEO Burnley's actions at the Michigan State AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade and Laborfest.