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The rise in OSAHS is a major cause for concern when it comes to preventing road accidents.
Drivers should check for symptoms of OSAHS and be extra vigilant when planning long drives.
He added: "Sleeping on your front or side helps OSAHS.
Diagnosed OSAHS patients may not be satisfied with conventional therapy.
The Mayo Clinic study should remind sleep practitioners to inquire about the use of CAM when taking a history of people with OSAHS.
Because the sequelae of untreated OSAHS are significant, prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial.
Friedman et al described a high rate of OSAHS in a series of 24 patients treated for head and neck cancer.
This was an observational rather than a blinded study but the authors were able to compare the incidence of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events in 377 simple snorers, 235 men with untreated OSAHS, 372 patients with OSAHS treated with CPAP and 264 healthy men (age and BMI matched) recruited from the general population as controls.
One way to determine if otherwise well controlled and compliant (CPAP) OSAHS patients need modafinil is to bring them back into the sleep lab to sleep all night with CPAP.
And what of patients with excessive sleepiness who do not have OSAHS, PLMS, narcolepsy or any other reason for their problem?
In studies of OSAHS and SWSD, the overall safety profile of PROVIGIL was demonstrated to be consistent with the profile already established in patients with narcolepsy.
Symptoms of OSAHS may include restless sleep, loud, heavy snoring (often interrupted by silence and then gasps), falling asleep during the day (at work, watching TV, etc.