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Men from the Occupation from 1995; OPCS 1995, 1971 and 1981 death certificates England and Wales, census cohorts United Kingdom who died 1976-1989 between 1976 and 1989 Guberan et al.
In the case of MOSAIC from CCN Marketing, a mixture of demographic, housing and financial information together with further census statistics from OPCS is used to create what is termed a "general purpose classifier" built up from the level of each of the 1.
Skill proportions: Sources: UK: "Labour Force Survey, 1987", OPCS, Germany "Mikrozensus, 1987", Statistisches Bundesamt.
Moser, Fox & Jones (1984) demonstrated convincingly, using the OPCS longitudinal study, that the wives of unemployed men also suffered increased levels of mortality.
The approach adopted in trying to assemble the two populations of technicians was to start from the four-digit descriptive level in the 1982 Recensement and to work through the technician categories listed in OPCS 'Classification of occupations' to establish which groups matched the French categories.
00 and the OPCS instructions on Additional Financing.
It will feature a QuadTech color-register control and a Goss OPCS control system with four desks.
For SC3, the OPCS categorization differentiates between skilled non-manual workers (NM, e.
The OPCS Monitoring Scheme for Congenital Malformations.
In the OPCS Longitudinal Study, which links census data to vital statistics for a 1 percent sample of the population, 47 percent of women cannot be allocated to an occupation (Moser, Goldblatt, and Pugh 1990).
Population refers to 1991 Urban Areas as defined by OPCS (Source: Focus)