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(or-thof″thăl-al′dĭ-hīd″) [ ortho- + (na)phthal(ene) + aldehyde],


A microbicidal chemical used to disinfect surfaces, endoscopes, and other heat-sensitive instruments.


Personnel who use OPA must wear gloves, goggles, and gowns to prevent contact with mucous membranes or skin.
CAS # 643-79-8
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Ontario's pharmacists "are natural partners in the development of a patient-focused framework for the dispensing, tracking and monitoring of medicinal cannabis use and its effectiveness," OPA stated.
The distal end of an OPA opens at the pharynx, consequently, oxygen leakage is inevitable.
found that compared with the OPA, the number of attempts and the time spent on inserting LMA were significantly lower.
It can be concluded that sieved only OPA can be used as a cement replacement at an optimum level of 25% by weight of cement.
We recommend further study to confirm the value of using OPA to detect and assess the severity of CAS and to define its use in stroke prevention," said lead researcher Pascal Bruno Knecht, M.
well as congressional silence on punitive damages under the OPA leaves
Despues de presentar la hipotesis, la metodologia y las fuentes de datos; la segunda seccion analiza el efecto de las OPA a Endesa, Hidrocantabrico y Scottish Power y la variacion de su precio en Bolsa durante la toma del control.
OPA reportedly complements the company's current clinics within these areas very well.
OPA, with a staff of 30, has annual sales of around SEK60m (USD9.
As part of the present liability scheme, participants in the industry are required to submit evidence of financial responsibility sufficient to pay claims up to the OPA limits.
The majority of courts have interpreted this economic damage provision of OPA 90 to allow recovery for economic damages where the bright line rule once denied.