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When they got to the grand-stand they climbed up under the roof and sat down on one of the long bench-like seats.
There is something memorable in the experience to be had by going into a fair ground that stands at the edge of a Middle Western town on a night after the annual fair has been held.
In the darkness he took hold of her hand and when she crept close put a hand on her shoulder.
When they had come to the crest of Waterworks Hill they stopped by a tree and George again put his hands on the girl's shoulders.
She turned irritably on the sofa, without replying.
Bishopriggs, on whose mind Arnold's discovery of the watered sherry still dwelt unpleasantly.
Bishopriggs set the "collops" (in the language of England, minced meat) upon the table, lit the candles on the mantle-piece, faced about with the fire of recent toddy flaming in his nose, and waited for further orders, before he went back to his second glass.
I tak' up my testimony against 'em--but I'm no' telling ye that I canna lay my hand on 'em if I like.
I'll do weel, I trow, to look at this while my mind's runnin' on it," said Mr.
He forthwith sent the cards to Arnold by his second in command, closed the pantry door, and carefully smoothed out the crumpled sheet of paper on which the two letters were written.
I insist on nothing less than to be what you vowed I should be--what I have waited all this weary time to be--what I
His commentary on the correspondence, so far, was simple enough.