James, Irish surgeon, 1786-1862. See: O'Beirne sphincter.
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Paul O'Beirne, 35, is accused of shooting Ryan - brother of Real IRA chief Alan - in Finglas, North Dublin, on February 29, 2016.
Pending further revelations, I'll leave you with a quote from the late, great Kate O'Beirne, pundit emeritus, who used to say, "Never cheat on your mistress.
TheMetropolitan Policehas launched a murder inquiry after 51-year-old Desmond O'Beirne, fromWestminster, was assaulted by two men in the area near the National Gallery.
O'Beirne, is shown at the left below (see page 109 in O'Beirne's Puzzles & Paradoxes, Oxford 1965).
The Panopticon will screen examples from Glasgow amateur film makers like Tom O'Beirne from Rutherglen and his family, above and below, on a caravan holiday in 1961 to France and Ireland.
John O'Beirne, head of Mortgages at Bank of Ireland, said, 'Fixed rates provide monthly certainty and longer term stability for purchasers and homeowners letting them lock into a fixed rate for a period from one to ten years of their choosing.
Eugene will get a rare chance to experience renowned Irish singer, songwriter and guitarist Gerry O'Beirne in a house concert on Sunday.
Head of Retail Cards and Loans, Bank of Ireland, John O'Beirne, said "The launch of our new 7.
AFTER coming out of prison, 'three strikes' burglar Jamie O'Beirne got himself a legitimate job with a Coventry decorating firm.
Jackie O'Beirne, who is about to open her own vintage venture, Gladys Tea Rooms in Seaton Carew, said: "The idea was to make walking into the tea room like stepping back in time.
One of the culprits, Toni Nelson, asked the owner, Thomas O'Beirne, for PS20,000 for the furniture and he played along by saying he would pay PS14,000 - but, in fact, went straight to the police.