Nyquist theorem

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Ny·quist the·o·rem

(nī'kvist thē'ŏ-rĕm)
That a frequency must be sampled at least twice to reproduce it reliably.
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Depending on the sparsity level, the number of basis functions can be dramatically reduced, yielding an effective sampling rate that is significantly below the Nyquist rate for the full bandwidth [37].
The geometric approach is endowed with an inherent advantage in that the sampling points are associated with relevant geometric features (via curvature) and are not imposed arbitrarily at equal intervals determined by the Nyquist rate.
Moreover, it should be stressed again that the geometric approach, based on curvature radii, inherently produces a sparse, with respect to the Nyquist rate, adaptive sampling (see [1]), lending itself to interesting benefits, insofar as various applications are concerned.
sigma],p,m] is exactly recovered by the interpolating formula (1), where the sampling is at the optimal Nyquist rate plus m additional Hermite type of data.
The echo signals of each subpulse are demodulated to baseband and then sampled at the Nyquist rate [F.
Instead of conventional sampling at Nyquist rate, only a small number of random selected samples are used for measurements.
The Nyquist rate is one of the fundamental constraints on the processing of bandlimited functions.
For time-domain applications, the six-pole BesseI LIR filters divide the sample rate by 4, 10,20, or 40, producing Nyquist rates of 250 kHz, 100 kHz, 50 kHz, and 25 kHz, respectively.