facial motor nucleus

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fa·cial nu·cle·us

a group of motor neurons located in the anterolateral region of the lower pontine tegmentum and innervating the muscles of facial expression, the stapedius muscle in the middle ear, the posterior belly of the musculus digastricus, and the stylohyoid muscle.

facial motor nucleus

A nucleus of the branchial motor column in the pontine region of the hindbrain. This nucleus is a column of cholinergic neurons in the ventrolateral tegmentum. It is the origin of motor axons in the facial nerve (CN VII), which innervate the muscles of facial expression.
See also: nucleus
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The motor nucleus of the facial nerve, which supplies the muscles of the facial expression, is located at the lower pontine level, dorsolaterally in the caudal pons 141.
In the adult, the motor nucleus of the facial nerve (VIIIth cranial nerve) is located deep in the reticular formation of the caudal portion of the pons.

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