Nuclear Winter

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A hypothetical period of prolonged cold weather caused by massive atmospheric injections of soot, which would follow a full-scale nuclear exchange
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Though the premise of a regional nuclear winter seemed plausible, few seemed willing to consider planetary implications of a nuclear exchange (19.
A handful of present-day warheads could, within any given 30 minutes, incinerate as many lives as the Holocaust took five long years to do and lead to a nuclear winter, killing many millions more.
Nuclear winter, where we were all going to freeze to death after the soot from Reagan's nuclear war blotted out the sun, didn't quite happen.
would be the stock British retort, as it looks rather like 2007 will be a nuclear winter with the attendant depression, murder, suicide and general grumbling we Brits do best.
These same individuals and organizations also warned us of nuclear winter caused by the firestorms that would presumably be caused by nuclear blasts, and, again, ignored the inevitable C[O.
The article compared nuclear winter to the chilling effect of volcanoes and the little ice age.
It has everything you need to survive a nuclear winter, from shoelaces to a knitted tea-cosy, complete with ears, for your horse's head to keep the flies off.
McCarthy's] harrowing new novel, The Road, takes place during an unspecified nuclear winter in a barren Southwest bereft of almost everything that has characterized Mr.
And then it was like a nuclear winter hit and it would affect our business over the next three years.
Cardiff yesterday morning, with the fog back in place and litter strewn everywhere, resembled a scene from a nuclear winter - the whole city waking up with a super size hangover.

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