Nuclear Terrorism

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The as-yet theoretical use of a nuclear device of any size or form of delivery as ‘leverage’ to coerce a government or population to submit to a terrorist ‘agenda’
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In addition, Pakistan adheres to several international resolutions aimed at prevention of nuclear terrorism and proliferation of nuclear material to non-state actors, such as UNSC Resolution 1540, (aimed at the prevention of transfer or assistance to produce nuclear weapons); Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT), Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) and Container Security Initiative (CSI), all of which require states to put mechanisms into place to prevent nuclear proliferation.
President Barack Obama to discuss how to ensure the security of nuclear materials and facilities and prevent nuclear terrorism.
participation in the GICNT, a multilateral partnership co-chaired by the United States and Russia that conducts activities to strengthen global capacities to prevent, detect and respond to nuclear terrorism.
The NSS process kicked off soon after Obama assumed office when he asserted that nuclear terrorism represents "the most immediate and extreme threat to global security".
He covers nuclear energy from invention to multiple uses, the regulation of the use of force in international law and the nuclear weapons conundrum, the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons and the International Court of Justice legal advisory opinion, the international legal regime of nuclear energy, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology in contemporary cases and issues revolving around them, and preventing nuclear terrorism.
In a statement, Sheikh Mohamed said: "Terrorism in general, and nuclear terrorism in particular, represents the most important challenge facing the world today, which requires our diligent joint action in order to be able to ward off all forms of this threat.
He emphasised that the current changes and challenges demand the urgent formulation of common approaches and a collective will in the face of the threats and dangers, nuclear terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in particular, affecting the security and stability of states and the safety of their peoples.
2 ( ANI ): The British government has claimed that nuclear terrorism is still one of the biggest threats to global peace, and that a dirty bomb attack is a 'real threat' faced by Britain.
Actions demanded by the fight against nuclear terrorism, which we support and which we actively participate in, should not become indirect means of limiting countries' rights to technological autonomy and the peaceful use of nuclear energy," Timerman said at the UN nuclear security conference that followed this week's General Assembly session.
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Legal Framework for Strengthening Nuclear Security and Combating Nuclear Terrorism (2010: Vienna, Austria) Ed by Igor Khripunov and Dmitriy Nikonov.
The careful study of nuclear material acquisition and steps involved in manufacturing and exploding nuclear/radiological device manifest that nuclear terrorism is a cumbersome task.
He specifically proposed measures for prevention of nuclear terrorism and the holding of the Nuclear Security Summit towards that end.
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