Coolidge Effect

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The reinitiation of sexual behaviour in a sexually satiated animal, in response to a novel receptive mate


a result produced by an action. The relationship between the two can be expressed in linear form. The total association between them may be the sum of a number of effects. The effect may be direct when it is exerted without being transmitted through intervening factors, or indirect when it is. It may also be a spurious effect when the observed changes are due to causes and correlations common to both.

additive effect
the combined effect produced by the action of two or more agents, being equal to the sum of their separate effects.
Coolidge effect
the stimulation of sexual behavior in a male animal upon exposure to a new female.
cumulative effect
cumulation action.
experimenter e's
demand characteristics; the characteristics supplied by the experimental subject in response to what it perceives are the demands of the experimenter.
effect modifier
a factor which modifies the effect of a causal factor under study. Called also interaction.
position effect
in genetics, the changed effect produced by alteration of the relative positions of various genes on the chromosomes.
pressure effect
the sum of the changes that are due to obstruction of tissue drainage by pressure.
side effect
a consequence other than that for which an agent is used, especially an adverse effect on another organ system.
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These arguments proposed by Kozma and Schneider are intriguing; however, they are not supported by evidence that strictly controls for differences in instructional design, the novelty effect of media, and other media attributes that are not unique to a given technology.
A dog also has a novelty effect which draws students to engage.
These changes may be due to the clinician's understanding of the instrument, but a portion might be attributed to the novelty effect.
Product information kiosks have a novelty effect, and then they flatline," says Juan Perez, president and CEO of Hoffman Estates, Ill.
Examining public funding of stadium construction through the lens of the novelty effect at the minor league level allows us to probe the efficiency of team-level revenue decisions and can help us calculate total impacts if public subsidies are combined with private funds.
ClickPress, Tue Oct 08 2013] Domestic tourism observed slightly slower growth in terms of the number of trips taken in 2012 as the novelty effect of the two recently opened integrated resorts at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa gradually began to wear off.
Overall, the research sees a longer sustained growth for the Philippines compared to Singapore due to stronger junket participation and a protracted novelty effect.
The following sections provide information about the university and its recent football move, its men's basketball program, the surrounding market, The Robins Center history and current use, as well as information on facilities at peer and other institutions; however, it is important to begin with a fundamental review of relevant strategic concepts in sport marketing that may impact this critical decision: sportscape, ticket scarcity, and the stadium novelty effect.
In the long run it may be better to switch it to different weeks and not have the same week every year or you lose the novelty effect," Atkin said of that initiative.
Also, I think there is still a novelty effect of the quality of the offer available at Liverpool One, and there is some hope the momentum will be maintained into this year.
One factor in Wakefield's favor tonight could be that he did not face the Indians during the regular season, and his knuckleball could have more of a novelty effect against a team that hasn't seen him before.
Todd Chanko, an analyst for Jupiter Research in New York, said Wednesday that ``once you get past the novelty effect,'' it's difficult to determine how big online viewing can ultimately grow.