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A trademark for the drug ritonavir.


a trademark for a protease inhibitor (ritonavir).


An HIV-1 protease inhibitor which carves functional proteins from a large precursor molecule. When administered to HIV-infected individuals, HIV load decreases by 2 orders of magnitude; CD4-T cells increase 3-fold.

Mechanism of action
Ritonavir is prescribed with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) because it inhibits the host enzyme that metabolises other protease inhibitors.

Adverse effects
Asthenia, malaise, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.


Ritonavir, see there.


A brand name for RITONAVIR.
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Please see below for Use and Important Safety Information about Kaletra and Norvir.
Abbott intends to register the new Norvir tablet as broadly worldwide as lopinavir/ritonavir, the most widely registered PI worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
For those reasons, doctors who want to boost the benefits of protease inhibitors while minimizing their potentially dangerous side effects include Norvir in the regimens of patients on these drugs.
NORVIR is used in combination with other anti-HIV medicines to treat people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
Also, exposure to low-dose Norvir may increase the risk of kidney damage in Viread-treated individuals.
Invirase is an antiretroviral medication first approved in 1995, and used in combination with Norvir and other antiretroviral medicines to treat HIV in adults.
In addition, marketing partner Abbott Laboratories has begun the process of training Triangle's recently hired district sales managers (DSMs) on the benefits of Abbott's protease inhibitor, Norvir," said King.
Pernet also spearheaded the AIDS research program at Abbott and developed Norvir, one of the three breakthrough protease inhibitors which together reduced mortality in AIDS patients by 74 percent.
Food and Drug Administration today announced preliminary data suggesting that Invirase (saquinavir) in combination with Norvir (ritonavir) may have potentially important adverse effects on the heart.
Norvir (a component of Kaletra) reduces blood levels of Vfend.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval of a new tablet formulation of the company's antiretroviral medication Norvir (ritonavir).
This study will examine whether this new drug can decrease the amount of HIV in the blood when used with Norvir (as a booster) and other HIV meds.